Open Access Opera is a volunteering project for members of Opera Warwick that encourages members of the local community who are homeless to find ways they can express or enjoy themselves and socialise through the art form of Opera.


This new and exciting project allows people to challenge themselves as much or as little as they want and provides a safe environment in which to develop new skills or socialise in a structured format. It will take the form of a 2-hour weekly session, focusing on a different Opera every ‘term’, and each individual session will contain a range of singing and movement based activities. Volunteers will be there to take part and assist leaders Jessi and Nic within the session, as well as ensuring members feel safe and enjoy the sessions.

The project is receiving 6 weeks pilot funding from Warwick District Council Arts Development Grant. The scheme will also be officially recognised by Warwick Volunteers and that therefore means if a volunteer completes over 20 hours (Just one term’s worth of sessions) they will receive a certificate in recognition of their commitment! More details of specific days and times and how to get involved to follow, however if you are interested further contact either Nic ( )or Jessi ( ) to discuss further.

Our recent pilot session with Springfield Mind in Stratford-Upon-Avon went down an absoloute treat, with participants feeling excited and happy to be involved, so do get involved in the next academic year! Our Opera for the first term will be Carmen by Bizet!

Sessions run 5p.m.-7p.m. at the SYDNI centre in Leamington on a weekly basis, if you're interested in taking part please contact one of the project leaders

Jessi Parrott- Project Leader

Nic Miller- Project Leader

Project Supported by: 


BOX OFFICE - 024 7652 4524

University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL