Social and Welfare Secretary: Cole Mclaren-Bailey

A bit about you and Opera?


My previous experience with the society is fairly brief. I only became involved in the society at the beginning of my second year and since then have been involved in the main stage show and tried as much as possible to get involved in society events. Being social sec means playing a key role in making sure that everyone in the society gets to know each other and can really enjoy their involvement with the society.


And which is your favourite?


Erm, I would have to say Figaro because it’s the only one I’ve really been invested in. The Barber of Seville was interesting to watch but Figaro is the only Opera I’ve ever been involved in so I guess it is my favourite so far.


Tell us something embarrassing.


I don’t really have a good one but in year 5 I walked up to the front of an assembly when I thought they’d said my name and they hadn’t, the shameful walk back to my seat still sticks with me.





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