The Magic Flute

Fairtales have never been more real...



A lavish soirée is being held for golden boy of the royal family, Prince Tamino. All seems well at the celebration of his imminent dispatch to the army, but beyond the glittering heights of the social elite lies the brutal reality of war. Terror and trauma force Tamino into a psychotic state, in which he enters another war-torn world where nothing is quite as it seems: his companions aren’t entirely human and the rulers’ control dictates not only the lives of the people, but the behaviour of the elements. Under the reign of The Queen of the Night the land is plummeted into darkness and the young prince is sent on a quest for light and love.



The Magic Flute opened in  Summer 2011 to great acclaim. The creative decision to ground Opera Warwick's production against the backdrop of war meant that this classic was once again made current and relevant for a modern audience, creating an unforgettable coming of age story with just a hint of the magical. 








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