Vice President and Treasurer: Nic Miller

A bit about you and Opera?


I've directed for the last 3 years on a range of works, discovering opera when I came to Warwick and became Assistant Director of the Marriage of Figaro. I like to work in environments that promote inclusion, openness and involvement, but that also challenge and question people, such as art should. These will be my guiding principles in my work as both Vice President and Treasurer, in hope to gain more societal funding as well as developing our role in the local community through the personal development of our members.


And which is your favourite?


L'elisir d'amour because I think it teaches us an important lesson about love, which is the value of liking someone for who they are, and is all very rustic, which is a smashing theatrical aesthetic. I also enjoy the music of a range of other Operas; La Traviata, Verdi's Macbeth and The Marriage of Figaro.


Tell us something embarrassing.


Upon becoming Vice President and Treasurer of an opera society, I have only seen one Opera to date, our very own The Marriage of Figaro. I intend to resolve this by the end of summer.





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